WIM // Social Responsivility

In as much as David loved worship, he adored living a sinless life.

A blameless life, a blameless heart.

The important thing as we model David the Psalmist’s life, is to learn that he hated injustice; to a degree that even when he sinned against God and Uriah; being asked by the prophet what should be done to a rich man that had taken the only livestock from the poor and gave it to him that had visited. He passed a harsh judgement against the wrong deed,not knowing he was judging himself.

We learn here that in as much as David loved worship, he adored living a sinless life.

Inspired by David

What is Man is inspired by the man After God’s heart David, the psalmist. Psalm 107:10 onwards shows that nothing is too difficult for God to forgive, only if we acknowledge and have a repentant spirit.

God can help you in whatever circumstance or situation you may be in today. So it only takes an attitude and action of belief to win from whatever is holding you bondage.

WIM // Declare War like David!

Declare war against faithlessness, perverse & proud hearts; hate of evil & deceit, wicked people and people who speak falsely.

At different walks in our Journey

We are all on different levels in our journey with God; some have been delivered, more are about to be delivered, others will refuse to be delivered and many will die having not been delivered. In order for us to get to the same level with David we need to quit the above and begin on a clean slate as he did when he sinned.