2016 // It Is Done

Unearthing the hidden treasures that each man possess.

A Journey Of Discovery

With The theme: “It is Done” WIM will take men through a journey of four important areas that can make or break a man. The four areas are Finance, Relationships, Spirituality and Socioeconomic factors. Men will be able to discuss their day to day challenges within these spheres, with the hope of getting answers from their peers through team breakaway sessions.

There will be a host and lineup of speakers who are deemed champions of the specific four areas who will be able to equip these men on how to tackle and navigate through these hurdles of life to reach their full potential.


Dr John Tibane

Dr John Tibane is a Medical Consultant-turned Human and Organizational Development Consultant.  A product of Medical Training, Medical Practice, Business Training and Business Consulting, Dr Tibane is well positioned to be a well-sought after trusted advisor.

Paul Kamba

He pastors one of the fastest growing and influential Churches in Johannesburg called Destiny Midwives Christian Center and is the CEO of Gates of Destiny Ministries. He hosts and ministers on the “Gates of Destiny” that is aired on radio and TV.

Reuben Louw

To Create, To Live, To Inspire. Accomplished entrepreneur, TV Presenter, Actor, Singer, Artist and Music Composer. Reuben is the CEO and Co-Owner of Thaba Eco Hotel.

Hamilton Ratshefola

In 2000 Hamilton co-founded Cornastone, a successful IBM Business Partner. He rejoined IBM South Africa in June 2013 as Executive Sales & Development reporting to the County General Manager. He is South Africa’s Country General Manager, appointed in June, 2015.

Joe Ncube

A man well known for his compounding faith, love, power, vigour and tenacity. A selfless community builder, visionary and entrepreneur who has talent for breaking ground in untapped areas.

Wayne La Grange

Has international Business experience and has a good reputation of building businesses in emerging markets /countries. His passion has also extended in farming for a social responsibility cause.

Men Related Games & activities

… that will help break the stigma of the negative cycles of silos that men often create in our society.


There will be men related games and activities, that will help break the stigma of the negative cycles of silos that men often create in our society. These exercises will bring about unity and collaboration amongst the men.

Freedom Feet

First and foremost a team of young people who represent Jesus Christ through their gifts and talents.

Its made up of three distinct divisions, the movement, the dance crew and the Academy.

Dr Tumi

In a season where there’s a deeper yearning for new songs, award-winning gospel artist Dr Tumi stands out as one who writes songs that are relevant.

Dream Team Catalyst

An innovative corporate teambuilding company that creates and delivers extraordinary experiences that excite, motivate, unite and inspire people.