2015 // If I were God ...

Reflect on who we are, what we were created to be and what we can be …

Made in the Image of God

The scriptures affirm that we are made in the image of God; meaning that the potential to achieve or do anything is unlimited.

The scriptures then also affirm that we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us. This discussion takes us through a series of questions that can be asked by us and in turn get answers from within. When answered by us, we begin thinking or rather provoking ourselves by sighting if I were God, as he is the ultimate power.

This would help us uncover things such as, knowing what we can do or achieve, realize our power to make change. We then go into saying, what would we do different in the seven core areas that affect our lives on a day to day basis.

The seven core reinforcement elements of any human structure are influenced by these factors: Family, Government, Education, Business, Media, Sports & Arts. So let’s find out what you would do?


Dr John Tibane

Dr John Tibane is a Medical Consultant-turned Human and Organizational Development Consultant.  A product of Medical Training, Medical Practice, Business Training and Business Consulting, Dr Tibane is well positioned to be a well-sought after trusted advisor.

Reuben Louw

To Create, To Live, To Inspire. Accomplished entrepreneur, TV Presenter, Actor, Singer, Artist and Music Composer. Reuben is the CEO and Co-Owner of Thaba Eco Hotel.

Thami Mavimbela

Has been in the ministry for over 30 years and served in the DC of the Assemblies Of God – Back to God Movement – one of Africas Largest churches, at all levels since being a boy.

Wendell Bole

Wendell Bole is a business man and passionate cyclist. He is the owner of The Cycle Hub, Rietvlei Cycle Park, Thaba Trails and Wendell’s Bike Shoppe.

Fred van der Linde

A sought after inspirational speaker on the topics of his Heart-2-Heart Connections at various events and author of the upcoming series of books; MyHeartFully™.

Joe Ncube

A man well known for his compounding faith, love, power, vigour and tenacity. A selfless community builder, visionary and entrepreneur who has talent for breaking ground in untapped areas.

Dr Jaimie Oliver

He is the co-founder of My Destiny Inc, a not for profit training and consultancy firm that focuses on mentoring and empowering individuals of all ages.

Gaving Watson

Gavin Watson is the founder and pioneer of the BOSASA Group of Companies, which he heads as Group Chief Executive Officer. He is a born entrepreneur and innovator and known for his passion for the development of people.

Men Related Games & activities

… that will help you realise your potential to achieve or do anything is unlimited.


There will be men related games and activities, that will help you realise your potential to achieve or do anything is unlimited. These exercises will bring about unity and collaboration amongst the men.

Freedom Feet

First and foremost a team of young people who represent Jesus Christ through their gifts and talents.

Its made up of three distinct divisions, the movement, the dance crew and the Academy.


Prolific Comedian, Entertainer and MC from Vosloorus. Having performed at the Crown Gospel awards 2011 and Its Gospel Time.

The Napsta (MC)

King of Christian Comedy (real name Napoleon Masinga), is a South African based comedian with over 10 years experience in drama and the performing arts.