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Legacy Conference // 31 August 2019

What is Legacy?

Is it what you do? Your family? Your hobbies? Your religion? Your retirement? Or is it about your future? Our future? Godliness, Love, Transparacy, Mentorship, Diligence, Responsibility, Accountability, Commitment, Trust, Respect …  

Helping men live like men should live.


Dr John Tibane

Dr John Tibane is a Medical Consultant-turned Human and Organizational Development Consultant.  A product of Medical Training, Medical Practice, Business Training and Business Consulting, Dr Tibane is well positioned to be a well-sought after trusted advisor.

Jan van Reenen

Jan has served as executive pastor at Hatfield Christian Church Joburg South since 2012 and has served in church leadership, ministry and missions for over 20 years.

Dr Garth Japhet

Garth is a Schwab fellow of the World Economic Forum (WEF), is on the WEF Global Agenda Council for social networking, is a Senior Ashoka fellow.

Joe Ncube

A man well known for his compounding faith, love, power, vigour and tenacity. A selfless community builder, visionary and entrepreneur who has talent for breaking ground in untapped areas.

Prof PLO Lumumba

Prof. PLO Lumumba is an Associate  Professor pf Public Law and Founding Dean, Kabarak University School of Law, Kenya. Currently, Prof PLO Lumumba is actively involved in running his foundation, law firm and Pan Africa activities.

Don Turvey

Don Turvey is a mining executive, with more than 37 years experience in the mining industry. His career includes senior management roles in production, project execution, business development, minerals resource management mainly with BHP Billiton.