2017 // Crossroads

Unleash the Giant that lies within the recess of your being

Rediscover the Role of Man

Imagine a world where man is in absolute control of his environment. A world where he is empowered sufficiently to fulfil his pre-ordained mandate of stewardship.

  • Unfitted by Fear …
  • Unhindered by Challenges …
  • Unchained from Self-Doubt …

If you can envision such a world … join us as we rediscover the role of man in the current world order! As you embark on this journey we will re-introduce you to the Conqueror in you and help you lead a life rooted in a clear understanding of your Purpose.


Dr John Tibane

Dr John Tibane is a Medical Consultant-turned Human and Organizational Development Consultant.  A product of Medical Training, Medical Practice, Business Training and Business Consulting, Dr Tibane is well positioned to be a well-sought after trusted advisor.

Reuben Louw (MC)

To Create, To Live, To Inspire. Accomplished entrepreneur, TV Presenter, Actor, Singer, Artist and Music Composer. Reuben is the CEO and Co-Owner of Thaba Eco Hotel.

Jan van Reenen

Jan has served as executive pastor at Hatfield Christian Church Joburg South since 2012 and has served in church leadership, ministry and missions for over 20 years.

Hamilton Ratshefola

In 2000 Hamilton co-founded Cornastone, a successful IBM Business Partner. He rejoined IBM South Africa in June 2013 as Executive Sales & Development reporting to the County General Manager. He is South Africa’s Country General Manager, appointed in June, 2015.

Joe Ncube

A man well known for his compounding faith, love, power, vigour and tenacity. A selfless community builder, visionary and entrepreneur who has talent for breaking ground in untapped areas.

Fred van der Linde

A sought after inspirational speaker on the topics of his Heart-2-Heart Connections at various events and author of the upcoming series of books; MyHeartFully™.

Men Related Games & activities

… that will help you rediscover the role of man in the current world order!


There will be men related games and activities, that will help you rediscover the role of man in the current world order! These exercises will bring about unity and collaboration amongst the men.

Ikiri Lawrence

An award-winning international recording artist, songwriter, composer, arranger, producer, entrepreneur, and music director with two albums to his name, ‘Changing Levels’  and ‘Sincerity’.

Izinduku Entertainment

Izinduku Entertainment is a small dynamic company with its principal activities in promotions, productions, management and contracting in the entertainment sector.