WIM // We Endeavour

… to be a globally established organization that intentionally Restore and Maintain The Legacy of Manhood

About Us

We continually develop men that will be after the Creator’s own Heart, by coaching, mentoring, empowering and guiding. This is done through Monthly Early Morning Meetings, Quarterly Weekend Retreats and an Annual Celebration Conference. This will ensure that the dignity of men is preserved in the African nation as a whole.

Our Core Values

LOVE … caring, supporting, confiding, nurturing of brotherhood and cultivation of respect.
TRANSPARENCY … an encouragement of a trustworthy openness that is fair and honest in every way.
DILIGENCE … constantly and earnestly making efforts in the pursuance of excellence, responsibility and stewardship.

Our Objectives

To establish a global organization that will continually develop men after the Creator’s own Heart. Men that will be known for their commitment in love for humanity, vigilance in their approach to life, integrity in dealership. To develop men who will be driven by diligence in their endeavors, who constantly pursue excellence, responsibility and stewardship. Transparency would be synonymous with them. 25 Years from now, these “Men of WIM” would have helped Restore and Maintain The Legacy of Manhood across the Globe.